The Wedding Video

You know…

After my post about our honeymoon in Montréal and the food adventures, I had forgotten to link our wedding video here. I mean, it was only just released to us last week, so it’s only fair that I share it with you all here…


Well, you can Banh Mi.

Various picks of Vietnamese fast food from Nguyen Huong in Vaughan, Ontario

I am back in my 2nd home of Toronto this week which means I will dive into another side of foodie heaven for the next 7 days.  All the Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese food I could ever want all at my fingertips.  I am quite excited.  But first, let’s have some Banh Mi, dammit.

Vietnamese food.  No, not the famous noodle soup, Pho, I am talking about their fast food.  Banh Mi, Nem Chua, Goi Coun and Banh Cam are just a few.  Again, I am resorting to this “_____food is the best food because it is SOOOO euphoric description for Vietnamese food.  Let us be honest here, by saying that is the type of reaction you get from certain types of food, it damn well better be on the top of your foodie list.  But what do I mean by this?

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