You purse your lips when you say it…


It’s a love and hate relationship, really. In the age of clean eating and diet lifestyle, we try our best to shy ourselves away from carbohydrate staples like rice and… well, couscous.

I took nearly two months away from eating rice with every meal. Being of mixed-Asian descent, I can wholeheartedly say that was a difficult time. My belly felt empty, I was irritable, bloated and cramped… I jest. 

But really, I found myself grazing the pasture looking for anything in the fridge to calm my random cravings. But that’s besides the point…

Chicken & Chick Pea with Couscous

I came across this recipe by Google search because I had chickpeas in the pantry and an 8-pack of drumsticks with no plan chilling (or icing) in the freezer. Low and behold I found this recipe and couldn’t wait for the long weekend to try it out.

Meal-prepping takes up my weekends so I thankfully had this Memorial Day weekend to cook a little extra on the side for lunch or dinner.

So out came the chicken, some tomato paste, spices, chick peas and celeriac. I reckon any root vegetable would work in this dish, but since I had a lonely celeriac sitting amidst the onions, he came along for the swim.

I adjusted the salt and pepper levels to taste and balance. I used a full can of tomato paste because us Americans only sell paste in cans rather then resealable tubes…

…and lunch was served.

I’m reminded of the first time I came across couscous as a young adult. I tried to pronounce it with light humour and imagined a French mime motioning me to purse my lips as I sounded it out. Koos-koos…