An arm and a leg…

Some of the most delightfully rich desserts known to man stem from the simplest of ingredients.  That being said, it comes down to one’s technique that will warrant how good or bad the end result may be.

Brazo De Mercedes – Filipino Meringue and Custard Jelly Roll Cake

I have been cooking since I was just shy of 10 years old.  I just past my 33rd birthday (…man, I am approaching my mid-thirties… cue FRIENDS opening credits) and that means I have about 23 years of cooking knowledge under my belt.

What I mean by this is I will know exactly what a dish requires without needing any sort of finite measurement system.  I can simply taste the dish, take the condiment and toss some in and will know exactly how it will turn out.  I can stare at a recipe… stare at a few recipes of the same dish… and know what is missing from it in order to cater it to my palette.  Sadly, this is also to a disadvantage and the sole reason why I cannot accurately share my recipes with others.  I can provide the basics and the ingredients you will need and provide a basic framework, but the end result is always up to the cook’s hand.  So this method is not fool-proof by any means, but it is the instinct I have developed over years and years of cooking for myself, my family, my fiancé and my roommate.

But, I digress.  

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Happy… Pancake Day?

…another Sunday morning breakfast.

February 9th, 2016 is Pancake Tuesday.  Alright, perhaps to some it is called Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, but for all intents and purposes…

I will refer to it today as Pancake Tuesday.

…but what about those delectable Polish Pączki doughnut blessings from the Gods that are so yummy and a staple here in Chicago?

Well, this year I may break my Chicago tradition and not make it over to Dinkel’s Bakery in Lakeview to pick up my dozen-or-so stuffed doughnuts.  (But it’s sooooo tempting).  I follow the guys from SortedFood and sometimes they come up with the greatest dishes that you just have to try.

So what did I make?

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All Thai’d up…

Pancit Canton (left) & Thai Green Curry (right)

The spiciest of foods tend to be the most rewarding.  No, I am not just talking about spice in the form of chili and heat, I am talking about spice flavour and its never-ending levels of complexity.

I woke up this morning with a defrosted package of boneless pork-chops on the counter and truly wanted something else besides fried piece pork with a cup of rice and vegetables for sustenance.  What I needed was some extra items in order to make a dish I had not put together in a while.

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Getting my egg on…

The baking machine is in full effect in the TimmyDaFoodie household.  It helps that I need something to occupy my time while I am getting some rest and relaxation here in Toronto. While I am loving staying indoors when it is -10ºC outside, cabin fever soon sets in and I NEED SOMETHING TO DO, and something to blog about.

It also helps that I can be quite domestic.  I love the kitchen.

So, I got my egg on.

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Midnight snacks… on steroids.

When you are on holiday away from your daily grind, you tend to revisit things you have not done in a while.  When you are losing weight, you tend to revisit foods you chose to shun away… while you are on holiday.

Well folks, I am on holiday.  I am still calorie counting, I am still fat shaming, but I am certainly not stopping myself from making delicious treats.  Last night I decided to let the pastry chef deep down within me come back to life.  Before I left for Toronto, I made a last minute decision to bring along a cookbook I received as a gift.  My good friend gave this to me a couple years ago as a Christmas present and while I spent an quite a bit of time dog-earring and bookmarking things I wanted to make, I never got around to it.

Why the hell not?!

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