…de Montréal avec beaucoup d’amour.

Happy New Year everyone! It has definitely been quite some time since my last visit here.  A lot has happened, I got married, went on a fabulous honeymoon and now, I’m in the beginning stages of immigrating to Toronto, Ontario so I can call Justin Trudeau, “Daddy!”

(Oh Canada!)

But that is not why I am here today.  Let’s talk about food shall we?

Fall of 2016, I spent a week in Montréal, Québec as a newlywed and we were able to experience an amazing food scene.  We all love eating and trying new things and  I will admit, I do have a slight penchant for French cuisine or at least foods with a slight French accent and yes, Montréal is in Canada and not France… but folks, the food no joke over there.  

There is some serious comfort food to be had in French Canada.

Now, if you are not in the mood to trek around the old city or climb the hilly streets of downtown then download the Foodora app and have it delivered to your hotel room.

Le Montréalais – Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon – Renoir

So let’s start with breakfast…

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Well, you can Banh Mi.

Various picks of Vietnamese fast food from Nguyen Huong in Vaughan, Ontario

I am back in my 2nd home of Toronto this week which means I will dive into another side of foodie heaven for the next 7 days.  All the Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese food I could ever want all at my fingertips.  I am quite excited.  But first, let’s have some Banh Mi, dammit.

Vietnamese food.  No, not the famous noodle soup, Pho, I am talking about their fast food.  Banh Mi, Nem Chua, Goi Coun and Banh Cam are just a few.  Again, I am resorting to this “_____food is the best food because it is SOOOO euphoric description for Vietnamese food.  Let us be honest here, by saying that is the type of reaction you get from certain types of food, it damn well better be on the top of your foodie list.  But what do I mean by this?

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Being called a Fatso is a good thing…

Fatso’s – The Fatso Single w/Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce
Just about 20 miles southwest of Downtown Chicago resides this hidden gem of a place.  It is a total dive that frankly, I would like to dive myself into face-first all day long.  This is a place that in unforgiving, full-fat, full-flavour with a strong “go big or go home” message with every ounce of carnivorous mastication.  I am talking about Fatso’s on 95th Street in between Ridgeland Avenue and Southwest Highway.

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The Passion for the Slice

Lou Malnati’s – Spinach & Tomato Deep Dish

Now I have lived here in the Chicagoland area for a bit shy of 8 years.  Half of this time was spent within the city limits and the other half in the Fox Valley hub of Naperville/Aurora.  If there is anything I can take away from my experience thus far, it is that we are a passionate bunch of people.

From sports to local politics, everything from how you wear your coat and scarf to what kind of sneakers you wear on the train, Chicagoans can talk your ear off, man.  That is our charm.  I tell ya, we sure can chat up a tourist into becoming a local in no-time.  Mention the weather while waiting in line at Whole Foods Market, Mariano’s or Trader Joe’s or even at the bank and you are bound to get an earful for much longer than you anticipated.

So where does this all lead me to? Well my friends… food… duh?!

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