The Golden Ticket…


Behold the bane of our existence.  Not only do we have to wake up, make our beds and dress ourselves, but we have to make sure we are eating the right things all the time.  Diet trends give variety for those on restrictive diets.  Or those you think they can look like Ryan Gosling by summertime in paradise.

Sometimes we give into these recent trends just to humour ourselves…

How will this new superfood fit into my lifestyle and will it work?

Yes and no.

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I’ll have a cuppa…Joe?

So here lies a debate that you could spend all day trying to one-up the other with no real sight of an ending.  Coffee, tea, Coffee AND Tea “Yuanyang” (It exists! Yuanyang is a Hong Kong style milk tea and coffee hybrid).  Again it is all preference, it is all about flavours, health benefits, aromatherapy and let us not forget the caffeine content.

Cà Phê Sáng – Vietnamese Morning Coffee

I could say I am a heavy coffee drinker, however, I could say the same about my teas.  I have a whole cupboard dedicated to a variety of dried leaves that I could steep and last me though the next nuclear apocalypse.  I am THAT obsessed with it.  Everything from Lapsang Souchong to Pu Erh, Orange Pekoe to Matcha Green.  If you need some Chamomile or Jasmine, it is in there.  Stop on by, we will have a cuppa.

Adagio Tea – Lounge Chair Lapsang
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