Overnight Oats – Is it worth the wait?

Overnight oats are definitely a topic of debate in any household.  You take some oats, some toppings, liquid, sweetener and throw it in a jar for the following morning’s enjoyment.

Wait… did you say the following morning?!

Yes, the following morning.

Mixed Berry Overnight Oats with Chia Seed, Flax Seed Powder, Yoghurt and Honey.

This cup of oatmeal has to sit in your refrigerator overnight in order to get the best out of its process and ingredients within.  So then, is it worth all this meal prep?

If you ask my roommate, a late 20’s, always on-the-go, job on Wall Street, not-savvy-in-the-kitchen type of guy’s guy, he would whole-heartedly say it is just a bunch of expensive ingredients thrown together that strongly resembles something out of a pre-packed, overly processed, instant sir-mix-a-lot sort of thing.  “So why not save yourself the hassle and just buy the Quaker Oats?” he would say.

The goal with overnight oats is not to fill you up in that large portioned “American” sort of way, it is to mix together wholesome ingredients that are also slow-burning giving your body energy and nourishment over a long period of time.

Honestly, that peaches and cream packaged oatmeal is enticing and quite tasty, but full of artificial hullabaloo that cannot possibly be good for you.  Anything that looks like some sort of nuclear bio-chem sourced powder does not sit well when it comes to clean eating.

But I am digressing…



My experience with these tiny jars of creamy oats has been surprisingly good, actually.  I first heard of overnight oats several years ago on TV, YouTube and several other avenues, but it never piqued my fancy.  Flash forward to about a month ago and I was referred to the Back to Her Roots food blog that contained several simple overnight oat recipes.  From her post, I was able to create a base recipe that works for our household and build some flavours from there.

A month later, I can honestly say we (…we in the household, apart from my roommate) are quite hooked.  Mindless snacking throughout the day and diminished significantly since having these oats in the morning.  It is a quick breakfast that is cleverly packaged for those who are short of time in the mornings.  However, this time-save is in relation to spending one evening meal-prepping and then the following mornings thereafter are grab-and-go because they are jarred up and easy to take in a lunch bag.

“How in the world is my opinion trustworthy?” you say…

With all the foodbloggers out there yaying or naying this recent trend of oatmeal, hear me out…

My opinion comes from someone who had previously experienced a sensitivity to oats, chia seeds and flax seed.  I am also someone who is trying to find easy breakfasts that are both healthy and light.  Trust, once upon a time I avoided oatmeal like it was poo on a stick.


Somehow when mixed with some wholesome ingredients, my body has been able to quickly adjust and turn it into a light breakfast that keeps me going to lunch.

It is, my friends, something worth waiting for if you are into oatmeal and the like.


Overnight Oats – Base Recipe

20g (2-3 Tablespoons) Rolled Oats (or Quick Oats)

½ Tablespoon Chia Seeds

½ Tablespoon Flax Seed Powder

1-2 Tablespoon Honey

2 Tablespoons Plain Yoghurt (Regular or Greek.  Fresh yoghurt is pictured below)

¼ Cup Milk

2-3 Tablespoons of Fresh or Frozen Fruit of your choice

Mason Jars (or small tupperwares for preference)


Mason jars lined up on a food scale.  This is the easiest way to measure your oats as 20g is the suggested measurement per serving.  I highly recommend a digital scale for those in the market for one.  It makes meal-prepping so much easier.


Oats go in. 20g or 2-3 Tbsp.


2 Tbsp of plain yoghurt.  This was fresh yoghurt I had made the other day using a starter from previous yoghurt. Your choice of yoghurt is also welcomed at this step.


1/2 Tbsp of Chia Seeds.  This was scaled down because of the addition of Flax Seed Meal as well.  You can omit this ingredient if you do not like or are allergic to Chia.


1/2 Tbsp of Flax Seeds Meal.  This was scaled down because of the addition of Chia Seeds as well.  You can omit this ingredient if you do not like or are allergic to Flax Seed.


1/4 Cup of Milk.  The original recipe calls for 2/3 cup.  This was scaled down due to the addition of FROZEN fruit which contains additional water.  If you are using FRESH fruit or NO fruit at all, please adjust your liquids accordingly.  You make need 2/3 cup of Milk if you are making your oats completely plain.


1-2 Tbsp of Honey.  Your choice of sweetener can be used at this step.  Honey, Sugar, Agave, Splenda et cetera.


A few spoons of fruits.  Whatever you like… we like berries.


Lots of berries.


Looks like layers of earthly rocks!




Jar up! Refrigerate for at least 3-4 hours or preferably overnight.




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