Being called a Fatso is a good thing…

Fatso’s – The Fatso Single w/Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce
Just about 20 miles southwest of Downtown Chicago resides this hidden gem of a place.  It is a total dive that frankly, I would like to dive myself into face-first all day long.  This is a place that in unforgiving, full-fat, full-flavour with a strong “go big or go home” message with every ounce of carnivorous mastication.  I am talking about Fatso’s on 95th Street in between Ridgeland Avenue and Southwest Highway.

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A friend of mine had asked about burger recommendations on her Facebook page and I decided to peruse through the answers to see what piqued my interest.  Low and behold I saw the word “Fatso” and my inner fat kid (…I suppose outer fat kid still applies, I am pretty husky… Husky? Ok, ok, I’m still a big boy)… my inner fat kid felt obliged to see what it was all about.

Google, Yelp, Instagram and boom.  Sold.  I sent a text message to the roommate, a few pictures and as soon as I could get myself home from work and throw on some comfy clothes we were headed on an adventure to the south suburbs for some grub.

When I say we were excited, I really mean we were damn hungry and anticipated some good eats for tonight’s dinner excursion.  I walked in and thought I could be Mr. Tough-Guy.  Honestly, I literally looked at the menu, looked at the pictures and said, “Fuck it, YOLO man… I’ll have the effing Triple Fatso Burger with a side of Onion Rings, please!

The triple sir? Are… are you sure? That’s A POUND OF MEAT sir…” she says to me from the counter knowing this was our first time at being true Fatsos.

Well shit… no, I’m on a diet, I’ll take the Fatso Single then.” And my roommate followed suit.

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We waited ever-so-patiently as the we were told everything is made to order and may take some time.  There is something to say about good fast food. Food like this is never “fast” in the sense of corporate food.  That sort of pre-packed shake a bake stuff we see from the heavy hitters; the likes of McDo, Taco Bell and Wendy’s.  That is fast food in a I need some sustenance right-quick way.

Places like Fatso’s, is fast in the sense of get in my belly because I ain’t sharing way.

My word it was glorious! This massive “single” burger came to us with onion rings, bacon, french fries and special sauce all piled high.  I had to dissect my food to eat it because there is no way that was getting into my mouth.  Then those onion rings and their homemade barbecue sauce.  Say what?! Goodness.  How were we lucky enough to find this sort of place and actually enjoy it.  I mean, honestly, this was the best burger I have had in a long time.

Clearly, we hated it.
We did not even talk on the drive home.  We were so content with life, so stuffed with good food, so blissfully dazed and confused from what had just took place that I had to come home and write to you all about it.

I hope to return to this place soon.  The menu is massive which so much good food, I cannot wait to see what we will try next.

Fatso’s you make me fat-happy.  Hell, Fatso’s, you make me fat everything.



6035 W 95th St
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 424-2490


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