All Thai’d up…

Pancit Canton (left) & Thai Green Curry (right)

The spiciest of foods tend to be the most rewarding.  No, I am not just talking about spice in the form of chili and heat, I am talking about spice flavour and its never-ending levels of complexity.

I woke up this morning with a defrosted package of boneless pork-chops on the counter and truly wanted something else besides fried piece pork with a cup of rice and vegetables for sustenance.  What I needed was some extra items in order to make a dish I had not put together in a while.

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Getting my egg on…

The baking machine is in full effect in the TimmyDaFoodie household.  It helps that I need something to occupy my time while I am getting some rest and relaxation here in Toronto. While I am loving staying indoors when it is -10ºC outside, cabin fever soon sets in and I NEED SOMETHING TO DO, and something to blog about.

It also helps that I can be quite domestic.  I love the kitchen.

So, I got my egg on.

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Midnight snacks… on steroids.

When you are on holiday away from your daily grind, you tend to revisit things you have not done in a while.  When you are losing weight, you tend to revisit foods you chose to shun away… while you are on holiday.

Well folks, I am on holiday.  I am still calorie counting, I am still fat shaming, but I am certainly not stopping myself from making delicious treats.  Last night I decided to let the pastry chef deep down within me come back to life.  Before I left for Toronto, I made a last minute decision to bring along a cookbook I received as a gift.  My good friend gave this to me a couple years ago as a Christmas present and while I spent an quite a bit of time dog-earring and bookmarking things I wanted to make, I never got around to it.

Why the hell not?!

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Well, you can Banh Mi.

Various picks of Vietnamese fast food from Nguyen Huong in Vaughan, Ontario

I am back in my 2nd home of Toronto this week which means I will dive into another side of foodie heaven for the next 7 days.  All the Chinese, Filipino and Vietnamese food I could ever want all at my fingertips.  I am quite excited.  But first, let’s have some Banh Mi, dammit.

Vietnamese food.  No, not the famous noodle soup, Pho, I am talking about their fast food.  Banh Mi, Nem Chua, Goi Coun and Banh Cam are just a few.  Again, I am resorting to this “_____food is the best food because it is SOOOO euphoric description for Vietnamese food.  Let us be honest here, by saying that is the type of reaction you get from certain types of food, it damn well better be on the top of your foodie list.  But what do I mean by this?

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Being called a Fatso is a good thing…

Fatso’s – The Fatso Single w/Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce
Just about 20 miles southwest of Downtown Chicago resides this hidden gem of a place.  It is a total dive that frankly, I would like to dive myself into face-first all day long.  This is a place that in unforgiving, full-fat, full-flavour with a strong “go big or go home” message with every ounce of carnivorous mastication.  I am talking about Fatso’s on 95th Street in between Ridgeland Avenue and Southwest Highway.

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Sunday morning rotation.

Cravings.  This morning when I woke up, I was craving fried rice like I had a baby growing inside my belly yearning for major foodage.  The good thing about being a home chef is you are able to cook whatever your heart’s desire without too much trouble.  Rice, spam, frozen peas, eggs, an onion, some garlic, Sambal Oelek (Indonesian Chili Paste) and Soy Sauce and a wok…I had my fried rice and it was damn good.

All things considered, despite actively dieting since January of 2013, I still eat quite well.  Scroll through the pictures of the @timmydafoodie Instagram and you will see just how well we eat at our house.  But I digress…

Leftover fried rice now part of this week’s meal-prep.

Diets are all about commitment.  If you commit to it long enough, it becomes more of a lifestyle choice than deprivation.  Calorie-counting, meal preparation and WILL POWER are the trifecta to success when it comes down to cutting down your food intake for a better you.


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Comfort Food Ain’t Pretty.

Kare-Kare – Filipino Peanut Stew with Pork and Mixed Vegetables served with Rice and Bagoong (Filipino Shrimp Paste).
Piggybacking on my previous post about the Pastelón, islander food makes no apologies.  It is heavy, it is fattening and it makes no claims at being pretty.  Traditional Filipino food is a type of islander cuisine that best suits hard day laborers.  Like many island nations, modernisation completely changed life in the city centres. The Filipino people once spent long days in the fields cultivating rice or sugar cane and many others boated the oceans for fish or raised cattle and pig for consumption.  In fact, many parts of the islands still practice this sort of day-laborer lifestyle.

This is why islander food is so heavy.  Starting your day off with a hearty Filipino meal can last you from sunrise to sunset, but let’s face it… who really eats one meal a day? What Filipino is satisfied with one meal?  We perfected the merienda brunch and linner (or dunch?) after all; and if I recall correctly, the last time I was in the Philippines, eating is the best pasttime.

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