Did you say deep fried?

Crispy, deep fried carbs.


Who doesn’t love holiday food? Potato Latkes (or Pancakes) are a right treat to have not just during Christmastime or Hanukkah.  Served with sour cream or applesauce, they are so amazingly rich and satisfying that you forget how much you love french fries and hashbrowns.

Although, McDo’s hashbrowns are pretty much the benchmark. (I kid… maybe).

My recipe makes it easy for you with or without a food processor.  Give it a shot and surprise your family for weekend breakfast or dinner.  It’s a true crowd-pleaser.


Gluten Free? C’mon…

My husband had shared this recipe with me years ago.  Peanut Butter Cookies that are flourless and therefore gluten free by default.  They are amazingly simple to make, quick to make and absolutely tasty.

Be warned though, because it does not have flour, the texture is ever-so-slightly different.  There is a noticeable melt-in-your-mouth aspect to them that regular peanut butter cookies don’t have.

Delectable with a hint of healthiness.  Give it a shot!

The Illusive French Macaron

Now, I’ve posted my macarons in the past, but never in video form, here is my best attempt at an instruction video.

This little temperamental treat is been the Achilles Heel of many chefs both in the home and in patisseries the world over.  Using the French Meringue Method, here is how I tackle the macaron as an amateur home chef using simple ingredients you can find in any fresh market.

Now, be patient with the macaron.  It doesn’t happen on the first try and definitely not the second.  Macarons take a lot of patience and dedication that will most definitely pay off once you are able to find the right finesse and technique that works for you.


…new adventures.

With the power of YouTube, TimmyDaFoodie has brought the kitchen to you in a new format.  I am excited to embark on this little adventure and see what happens.

Chicken Adobo is a staple in Filipino households.  An archipelago with over 7000 islands, hundreds of languages and most certainly millions of people with different flavour preferences, the Philippines is definitely a place where you’ll be able to experience Adobo is all forms.

It is no secret that depending on what region of the country you are in, the ingredients and spices change.  One thing remains the same though, however you make it, Adobo is always a favourite amongst family and friends.

Growing up, my mother made it with either pork or chicken, sometimes both.  Later on, we added potatoes.  I remember we had visited one of her long-time friends and her mother had cooked us their version of Chicken Adobo and it had hard-boiled eggs in it.  Years went by and I experimented with other variations, such as adding coconut milk, different cuts of meat and even the addition of fish sauce.  Then one year we had family staying with us from the Pampanga region of the Philippines, a region known for their culinary prowess and bold flavours.  I learned my own version of Adobo from watching them cook.

The need to balance notes of salty, sweet, sour and spicy made for the perfect stew to warm your soul from the inside out.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

The #OOTD…

The outfit of the day marked by a hashtag has long been tag of choice for those who feel like they’re looking their best for the day’s to-do. Take a look at my personal Instagram and I’m quite guilty of this practice of slight self-admiration and accomplishment.

Lest we look like a potato sack after rummaging the closet and striking a pose in front of the mirror for an hour, but I digress. 

I just spent 5 hours of my day boiling a dozen eggs in tea and spices to achieve just that, their OOTD. 

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Wanna go on a date?

Medjool Dates from Whole Foods Markets

For centuries they have long been a source of sustenance for many people not only in the Middle East, but the world over.  In this holy month of Ramadan, many muslims around the world start their day before sunrise with a few date fruits and break their fast at sunset in the same fashion.

I have loved dates since I was a little child living in California where some date varieties are locally grown, however, they fell off my radar during my young adulthood for some unknown reason.  Recently, I’ve been longing for breakfast foods and snacks that are slow burning and full of good energy.  Something hearty to fill me up and suppress my appetite during those gaps between the big meals.

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